Essays/Interviews/Book Reviews

  • "The Reading," flash memoir, On the Seawall, 8/4/20

  • "All Vessels are Connected: A Review of Third-Millennium Heart by Ursula Andkjaer Olsen,"

      Crab Creek Review, Spring 2019

  • Interview with Debut Novelist Jaclyn Gilbert (Late Air, 2019), The Rumpus, 11/15/18

  • "How I Slew the Viking: Thoughts on Translation," Harvard Review, 10/18/17

  • "Food for Change," Medium, 5/11/17

  • "Brother, Can You Spare a Billion?" Medium, 12/16/16

  • "Bob Holman is on a Mission," Columbia Journal, 3/29/16

  • "Ross Gay Asks: What Eyes Does Your Poem Have?" The Rumpus, 10/29/15

  • "The Web Poet's Society," The Atlantic, 1/7/15

  • "Taylor Mali: Meet the Maestro of Page Meets Stage," Lumina, 4/17/15

  • "Letters to a Young MFA," Lumina, 2/15/15

  • "Get Thee to KBG," Lumina, 11/6/14


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